Feature: Extensions

Show all calculations Gravity Forms

Do you need an overview of all the calculations in your Gravity Form? With our Merge Tags Add-on you can easily get a list of all calculations (formulas) in one form.

Filter and edit Gravity Forms entries with Admin Columns Pro

With Admin Columns Pro you can quickly create and save complex filters for your entries based on one or multiple field values and edit entries inline or in bulk.

Substring Modifier for Gravity Forms Merge Tags

Do you want to return a portion of a Merge Tag string output? And specify an offset and length of the part of the Merge Tag output? With Advanced Merge Tags it's as easy as it gets.

Bulk Update Gravity Forms Entries

Do you want to bulk update a large batch of Gravity Forms Entries? Like 12321 entries? A nearly undoable task by hand, but a breeze with our Update Multiple Entries add-on.

Create entries based on list field, checkboxes and multi-select

Do you want to automatically create entries based on selected checkbox and multi-select choices or on rows in a List Field?

Append text before or after Gravity Forms Merge Tag if not empty

Do you want to append a string of text (or characters) before and after the Merge Tag output and keep it empty if the field is empty?

Replace Text with Gravity Forms Merge Tag Modifier

Do you want to replace (part of the) text in the ouput of a Gravity Forms Merge Tag? For example to automatically remove spaces or change words in the string? Learn how.

Gravity Hopper tools to improve your Forms Development

Better lay-out for the Gravity Forms builder, creating Field Templates (Form Field Patters), better organizing your Forms and Entries in Forlders and more.

JSON Web Token (JWT) to dynamically populate Gravity Forms

Do you want to dynamically populate and validate Gravity Forms Fields with data (claims) from a JSON Web Token (JWT)? With the JWT Prefill Add-on you can do that.

Gravity Forms Inception - Building a Form with a Form

With Gravity Forms in combination with some Add-ons, you can create a form to create another form. This can be particularly handy when you have a solid structure for a form, but the only difference is the questions you ask.

iDEAL payments with Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On

Do you want to support iDEAL payments in Gravity Forms when using Stripe as a payment provider in stead of Mollie?

Styling (range) Slider Gravity Forms

Do you want to style your Gravity Forms (Range) Slider to make it fit your theme or branding? In this tutorial we'll help you along.

Relative Date Merge Tag Modifier Gravity Forms

Do you want to display or use a Gravity Forms Date Field value as another date, for example tomorrow or week later? With Advanced Merge Tags you get a Merge Tag Modifier to easily do that.

Absolute number in Gravity Forms calculations

Do you want to use the absolute value of a Gravity Form number field in a calculation?

Show Gravity Forms Entries on a Calendar

Do you want to create a Calendar view filled with Gravity Forms entries, for example to show when events or deadlines are coming?

Set a maximum amount available for Gravity Forms Choices

Do you want to limit the availability of a Checkbox or Radio Button choice based on a maximum number the choice can be selected? For example if you have a maximum number of workshop places or products available?

Populate Gravity Forms Fields with (Custom) Post Titles and Taxonomies

Do you want to dynamically generate choices (and values) for select fields like Drop Down, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons and Multi Select, based on(Custom) Post Titles or Taxonomies?

Schedule Gravity Forms E-mail Notifications

Do you want to schedule Gravity Forms E-mail notifications, for example for drip campaigns, recurring offers or reminders? With the Notification Scheduler from GravityWiz you can easily do that.

Accordion Sections Gravity Forms

Do you want to use accordions inside your Gravity Form to make it more compact and easier for you form visitors to get an overview of the form content or the ability to reveal or collapse parts of the form? With the Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections Add-on from JetSloth you can turn Sections in your form into accordions.

Date and Time Calculations Gravity Forms

Do you want to calculate how many hours there are in between different Time Fields? Or days or years in between two different Date Fields? With the Gravity Forms Date Time Calculator Add-on from Gravity Perks you can easily do that.

Inline Real-Time Editing Gravity Forms Field Values

Do you want to quickly edit a single Gravity Form Field Value, without having to open the complete Entry Edit screen? Both in the backend and frontend of your site?

Slider Gravity Forms

Do you want to show a slider in your Gravity Form? This is the way to do it. Simply add a slider and decide how to show it: what is the maximum (in currency, or number) and minimum and which steps can they make. Look at the example below.

Repeater Field Gravity Forms (nested)

Do you want to use a Gravity Form within a Gravity Form? This is the way to do it. Be aware: it’s not yet clear how the use of this plugin affects the working of related add-ons, but most developers are very positive about this extension to Gravity Forms.

Duplicate Section and Fields Gravity Forms

Do you want to duplicate sections and multiple fields in your Gravity Forms? It will take a lot of time when you do it in the standard form builder. Bulk Actions gives you a tool to easily duplicate or clone multiple fields and whole sections.

Address Autocomplete Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete simplifies the form filling process helping your users to enter their address with the Google Places suggest API. You make them save time by finding accurate addresses with suggestions and filling forms faster with autofill.

List Field Datepicker Gravity Forms

Do you need a Date field in your Gravity Forms list column? No need to look further, the GravityWP - List Field Date Format add-on does just that: it allows you to turn a list field column into a Date Field.

Word Count Text Field Gravity Forms

In Gravity Forms there is the option to count characters. But maybe you want to limit the amount of Words typed in a Single Line Text, Paragraph Text and Post Body fields. You can do this with the Gravity Perks Plugin Word Count.

List Number Format Gravity Forms

Do you need a Number field in your Gravity Forms list column? And to make calculations within a list row or column? No need to look further, the plugin of Adrian Gordon does just that: Turn your list field columns into repeatable number fields.

List Drop Down Field Gravity Forms

o you need a Drop Down field in your Gravity Forms list column? No need to look further, the List Drop Down plugin does just that, it gives you the ability to add Drop Down (select) Fields inside of a List Field column.

Copy Values to Other Fields Gravity Forms

Do you want to make it possible to visitors of your form to copy data filled in in text fields to other ’empty’ fields? For example the invoice address and the shipping address. Or a name from a contact and somebody that is signing the form? Well… this is easy doable.

Show All Merge Tags Gravity Form

With this simple Add-on for Gravity Forms you have a special admin page or can use a shortcode to get all the merge tags from a specific Form. No more clicking on a dropdown to select the merge tag you need, but just copy and paste it from the list.

Radio Button Images Gravity Forms

Did you know you can use images in your radio buttons in Gravity Forms? This is a nice way to provide your visitors with a visual, appropriate image to select when they provide information. You see it already as a design pattern, so use it also in your Gravity Form!

Generate unique ID for Entry Gravity Forms

Maybe you want to generate a unique ID, code, number or combination of numbers and letters for each entry in Gravity Forms. This is very easy with the special Gravity Perk Unique ID.

Gravity Forms Image Choices

Do you want to add images as choices for Radio Buttons or Checkboxes fields within Gravity Forms (or Survey, Quiz, Product and Options)? With this plugin you can add images without having to paste HTML code inside your Form Fields. And it produces beautifully styled and easily adaptable css styling.

Tooltips for Gravity Forms

Do you want to show tooltips in your Gravity Forms (with extra information about a certain field)? With Gravity Forms Tooltips you can add HTML and shortcode inside your Tooltips. Even for every radio button and checkbox item.

Edit and Duplicate Multiple Fields Gravity Forms

Do you want to duplicate multiple Gravity Forms fields at once? Or edit many titles of different fields in one overview? Than you should really consider to use the Bulk Actions Pro plugin for Gravity Forms.