GravityKit: Display Gravity Forms entries with GravityView

GravityView by Katz Web Services, Inc. is the best way to display Gravity Forms entries on your website. With GravityView you can easily display entries visitors (or users) of your website made using GravityForms on the front-end. It’s an amazing piece of software and developments are going strong. If you need the best addon available for GravityForms today…

About Katz Web Services, Inc.

DeveloperKatz Web Services, Inc.
Languages54 languages (2018)
Main pluginGravityView
ExtensionsInline Edit, Import Entries, DataTables, Advanced Filtering, more…
Name changeGravityKit started out as GravityView, but in 2022 the team decided to change the name to GravityKit (because they offer more add-ons for Gravity Forms). Read more about in this artice: We Changed Our Brand Name to GravityKit!

Why we use GravityView in our projects

Zack combines multiple talents. He is a skilled developer, who tried his ideas first on the WordPress repository, and decided to create the premium plugin GravityView after understanding what his niche market is for the future. He has a good eye for design (his website looks beautiful), but also makes good use of existing platforms like Transifex (for translating his multiple plugins) and Help Scout (to organise his documentation).

GravityView has proven to be an extremely valuable extension of Gravity Forms functionality, with which you can basically build your own content management system (CMS) from scratch with only WP, GF and GravityView. But… working in complex projects, where you want to display information in different ways, GravityView is an essential add-on for Gravity Forms, and something you can trust and build your business on.

Features GravityView

  • Super handy admin toolbar item:
    With the Toolbar Menu Item you can quickly select ‘Edit View’, ‘Edit Form’ or ‘Edit Entry’ on the actual page your view’s shortcode is embedded. This makes it super easy to switch between front-end and back-end of your site.
  • Front-end Entry notes:
    You can show, edit and delete entry notes on the front-end of your site, which gives a lot of opportunities to track progress and process on an entry.
  • Hard and soft filtering:
    You can do that in the View itself (hard, a filter is always active on that particular view) or within the shortcode when embedding a view (soft, you can embed multiple times with one filter).
  • (Advanced) filtering on the frond-end:
    Create a view once, but use (advanced filtering) to quickly create multiple ‘filtered views’ you want to add on your site.
  • Add custom content to your view:
    With Custom Content you can easily add and create new pieces of data (with merge tag support) to your view, table, excel or map.

Screenshots GravityView

Add new View: With GravityView you can create several default structures to show the data in forms. The Table View and Listing View are standard available in GravityView. You can add easily new View Types by installing them in WordPress.

View Configuration: The configuration of your View is always divided in 3 different settings:

  • Multiple Entries: you can configure here how the listing of multiple entries looks like.
  • Single Entry: you can configure how the data of a Single Gravity Forms Entry should look like.
  • Edit Entry: you have full control what fields can be edited and how the edit screen should look like.

Navigation & filtering multiple entries: On the Multiple Entries configuration page you can add different special functions to navigate, inform or filter the results on the page.

  • Show Pagination Info: Summary of the number of visible entries out of the total results.
  • Page Links: Links to multiple pages of results (especially when you have a low number of entries shown in the list).
  • Custom Content: Add your own custom content in HTML to show on top or at the bottom of your list.
  • Search Bar: Very cool function to create different filters for your entry list, like ‘Search all entries’ or specific fields.

Tutorials GravityView

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