Create new entries based on Checkboxes & Multi Select choices & List Field rows.

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Create entries based on Checkboxes & Multi Select choices & List Field rows.




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If you want to dynamically create new entries based on choices in checkboxes, a Multi Select field or rows in a Gravity Form List Field, this Add-on is for you.

You can easily configure new feeds to process the selected choices or filled in rows and create dynamically new entries for every choice and/or row.

This gives you the power to create custom e-mails, workflows, views and more based on the dynamically created entries.


  • Checkbox & Multi Select
    Dynamically create entries based on selected Checkbox & Multi Select choices
  • List Field
    Create a new entry for every row in a Gravity Forms List Field
  • Field Mapping
    Fill the new entry with data from the source entry, like source Entry ID or information from other fields
  • Feed
    Configure different Field to Entries Feeds
  • Workflow (optional)
    Trigger the Field to Entries Feed as a Gravity Flow workflow step.
Screenshot of processing every row in a Gravity Form List field to create a new entry with the value of the List Row.
Every selected checkbox item creates a new Entry in the Target Form.
Result in the Target Form.

Refund Policy
Within 30 days of your initial purchase, you are entitled to a complete refund with no hassle. In order for us to improve our Add-ons, we do ask that you provide a good justification and feedback for your request for a refund.

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