Add Advanced Merge Tags & Modifiers to your Gravity Forms, Views and Flows.

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This Gravity Forms Add-On adds extra Merge Tag modifiers (and a lot of power). From the most common used functions like capitalize and length to changing date formats.




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Handy extra Modifiers

  • Text transform
    Modifier to transform the text to uppercase, lowercase, first character uppercase or lowercase or uppercase all words.
  • Append and prepend
    Place text before or after the output of a Merge Tag.
  • Text replace
    Replace text in the Merge Tag output.
  • Length of string & word count
    Modifiers to count the number of characters of a value or the number of words.
  • Covert to ASCII characters
    Modifier to change the accented letters inside a text.
  • URL encode text
    Encode the field value with the purpose to pass it as an url parameter for dynamic population.
  • Get field values from other Forms
    Retrieve matching data from other Forms, show and use the retrieved data in different ways.
  • Nested Merge Tags
    Use values from other fields in your form inside Merge Tags and Modifiers.

Powerful new Merge Tags

  • Get the current timestamp
    Returns the timestamp on the moment the Merge Tag is used. Can be used to check if timestamp is expired.
  • Get the current slug (or part of the slug)
    Returns the slug or part of the slug (parent) for example to check which part of the website the Merge Tag is loaded.
  • Modify dates
    Modify dates, like adding days, weeks (relative dates), formatting in different ways and setting other timezones.
  • Nested Modifiers
    Use multiple, nested modifiers to perform different actions on the value.
Read the article on Do More with Advanced Merge Tags and Modifiers (published May 3, 2022)
Screenshot with examples of Advanced Merge Tags & Modifiers inside a Gravity Forms Confirmation.
Screenshot with examples of Advanced Merge Tags & Modifiers inside a Gravity Forms Confirmation.

Examples of extra Modifiers

ValueModifierWith modifier
Café Entrepôt Façade{Text:1:gwp_remove_accents}Cafe Entrepot Facade
“Quotes” and spaces{Text:1:gwp_urlencode}%22Quotes%22%20and%20spaces
GravityWP Advanced Merge Tags{text:1:gwp_length}29
GravityWP Advanced Merge Tags{Text:1:gwp_word_count}4
GravityWP{Example:1:gwp_case to=upper}GRAVITYWP
GravityWP {Example:1:gwp_case to=lower}gravitywp
GravityWP {Example:1:gwp_case to=lowerfirst}gravityWP
GravityWP{Example:1:gwp_substring length=3}Gra
GravityWP{Example:1:gwp_substring start=3 length=3}vit
GravityWP {Example:1:gwp_append before=Wow, after=" is great"}Wow, GravityWP is great
GravityWP {Example:1:gwp_replace search="WP" replace="WordPress"}GravityWordPress
gravitywp add-on{Example:2:gwp_case to=upper_first}Gravitywp add-on
gravitywp add-on{Example:2:gwp_case to=upper_words}Gravitywp Add-on
client-1002Your last two purchases were at {Textfield:1:gwp_get_matched_entry_value form_id="2" match_id="1" return_id=date_created sort_order=desc offset=1} and at {Textfield:1:gwp_get_matched_entry_value form_id="2" match_id="1" return_id=date_created}.Your last two purchases were at 2021-01-30 12:21:23 and at 2021-04-30 10:01:03.
client-1003You bought a total of {Textfield:1:gwp_count_matched_entries form_id="2" match_id="1" filter1="3" operator1="is" value1="vacuum_cleaner"} vacuum cleaners.You bought a total of 2 vacuum cleaners.

Extra Merge Tags

Merge TagDescriptionExample output
{gwp_current_timestamp}Returns the current time measured in the number of seconds since the Unix Epoch (January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT).1644224045
{gwp_parent_slug depth="1"}Returns part of the slug (the url) and let’s you pick which part of the slug you want to get (which parent).add-on
{gwp_date_created modify="+1 day" format="d-m-Y H:i:s"}Returns the entry date + 1 day in a specific format.31-03-2021 12:21:23

Take a look at our documentation for more advanced Merge Tags and Modifiers.

Refund Policy
Within 30 days of your initial purchase, you are entitled to a complete refund with no hassle. In order for us to improve our Add-ons, we do ask that you provide a good justification and feedback for your request for a refund.

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