Extra rounding, range calculation and custom unit options for Number Fields.

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Functionality for Number Fields, like rounding or only absolute numbers, fixed point notation, range calculation, custom units like % or m2 & show as slider.




$39.00 (yearly, excl. VAT)

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Turn a Gravity Forms Number Field into a HTML5 slider.
Advanced options for the Gravity Forms Number Field
Enable Minimum Value Calculation
Add Custom Unit


  • Rounding numbers
    Rounding the value inside the Number Field up to 5 decimal places.
  • Rounding method
    Decide which direction to round the value: Round (up or down), Ceil (rounding up), Floor (rounding down).
  • Force absolute numbers
    Only allows absolute numbers to be filled in in the Number Field.
  • Add Custom Unit
    Add a custom unit to the Number Field, like percentage (%) or square meters (m2) and decide on placement: before the input or after.
  • Enable Maximum or Minimum Value Calculation
    Do calculations to define what is the Minimum and Maximum validation of the Number Field.
  • (Range) Slider
    Turn a Number Field into a (range) slider.

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