Hire the best Gravity Forms developers

If you’re looking for good and experienced Gravity Forms developers, we advice you to hire the experts of Aiwos BV. Aiwos is by far the most professional, dedicated and fun company to find the expert support you need to help you with your WordPress, Gravity Forms, GravityView and Gravity Flow questions.

Complex Gravity Forms

Aiwos built more than a thousand forms for different clients. See their cases for examples of portals, websites and platforms they configured. If you need help with one of the following questions, please contact Aiwos to see if they can help you.

  • How can I build complex forms with Gravity Forms?
  • How can I fill in data in my Gravity Form for known visitors (with a JSON Webtoken or filling a Save and Continue link)?
  • How can I use complex conditional logic in my form?
  • How can I integrate and connect different Gravity Forms together?
  • How can I add customizations to my Gravity Forms fields and Merge Tags?
Photo Aiwos sponsor booth at WordCamp Nederland 2022.
Aiwos sponsor booth at WordCamp Nederland 2022.

WordPress Workflow Specialist

Aiwos is specialized in creating complex Workflows inside WordPress with Gravity Forms in combination with Gravity Flow. Gravity Flow let’s you define workflow steps to manipulate data, copy data, extend data, get approvals and much more. They also developed several custom Gravity Flow steps, following the step framework.

If you need any help with configuring or extending Gravity Flow, feel free to contact Aiwos.

The Aiwos Expert team

The Aiwos team: Jurriaan Koop, Erik van Beek, Daan Hartog, Sander van der Windt, Maria Oosterweghel, Melvin Albers, René Serier.

The Aiwos team consists of 7 specialists who do not shy away from any WordPress challenge. Everyone works from a different location. We meet at the client’s office or at one of our regular meeting places in Rotterdam. And what else connects us? The online game Surviv.io is the favorite team activity after a busy day at work. 

Read here more about the company and the team.

Expertise Aiwos

Process design 

  • Workflows 
  • Data collection / Enter data 
  • Data enrichment 
  • data processing 
  • Displaying (relational) data  
  • Dashboard development 


  • PHP 
  • WordPress 
  • Gravity Forms 
  • Gravity Flow 
  • Gravity View 


  • Visual design* 
  • Theme Development 

*The specialists at Aiwos know how to translate your corporate identity into a suitable design for a (renewed) platform. Do you not have a web design available or do you want to have a new concept developed? Then we involve a designer from our network.