Cheat Sheet Gravity Forms, View, PDF

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Shortcode

[gravityform id="1" title="false" description="false" ajax="true" tabindex="1" field_values=" check=First Choice,Second Choice"]

Gravity Forms Conditional Shortcode

[gravityforms action="conditional" merge_tag="" condition="" value=""]Content.[/gravityforms]

Contitions: isnot | not_equal is | greater_than | less_than | contains | starts_with | ends_with


GravityView Shortcode

[gravityview id="123" search_value="example" start_date="2014-06-16" end_date="2014-06-17"]
[gravityview id="123" search_field="1" search_operator="isnot" search_value=""]

Parameters: id | page_size | sort_field | sort_direction – ASC / DESC | search_field | search_value | start_date – YYYY-MM-DD format | end_date – YYYY-MM-DD format | class | offset | single_title | back_link_label | post_id | detail

GravityView gventry

[gventry entry_id="" view_id=""]

GravityView gv_entry_link

[gv_entry_link action="edit" post_id="" view_id="" entry_id="{entry_id}" return="url"/]

GravityView gvlogic & {get:}

[gvlogic if="{get:website}" is="GravityWP"]You were linked by GravityWP [else] You were  not linked by GravityWP [/gvlogic]

Gravity PDF

{PAGENO}Page numberTemplateMerge Tag
{nbpg}Total number of pagesTemplate Merge Tag
excludeExclude FieldGF Field CSS CSS
pagebreakAdd Page BreakGF Field CSS CSS
<pagebreak/>Add Page Break TemplateHTML
<pagebreak resetpagenum=”1″/>Add Page Break and reset page numberingTemplateHTML
<pagebreak page-selector=”rotated”/>Add Page Break and rotate pageTemplateHTML

HTML Snippets

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


<img src="" alt="" width="" height="">

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