Gravity Perks provides you with extra options like Read only fields for Gravity Forms, a minimum or/and maximum amount of words in a text field or more than 20 other useful extensions of the Gravity Forms plugin.

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The developer of the perks is also closely related to Gravity Forms, so there is a guarantee for good quality, just by that. We of GravityWP highly advice you to pay for the maximum membership, also to support this developer for the wonderful work he does.

What is a perk?

A perk is a small, single-purpose plugin (powered by Gravity Perks) which enhances Gravity Forms with a new feature. Some examples of the features perks can bring to the table:

  • Do you want to copy your shipping address to your billing address field? There’s a perk for that!
  • Do you want to add support for HTML5 placeholders to Gravity Forms? There’s a perk for that!
  • Do you want to limit how many times a choice may be selected for a Radio Button or Drop Down field? Yeah, you get the idea.

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