TutorialGenerate unique ID for Entry Gravity Forms

Maybe you want to generate a unique ID, code, number or combination of numbers and letters for each entry in Gravity Forms. This is very easy with the special Gravity Perk Unique ID.

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Types of Unique ID’s for Gravity Forms

You can create three types of custom and unique codes for your Gravity Forms Entry:

  • Alphanumeric Contains letters and numbers (i.e. gravitywp12z9)
  • Numeric Contains only numbers (i.e. 20155512)
  • Sequential Contains only numbers and is sequential with previously generated IDs per field (i.e. 1, 2, 3)

Add a prefix or a Suffix to your unique id

In the advanced tab of your Gravity Forms field you can choose several options for your Unique ID:

  • Starting Number (in case it’s a Sequential ID) with an option to reset the numbering
  • Lenght: how long should the unique ID be?
  • Prefix: what should be ‘before’ every ID?
  • Suffic: what should be ‘after’ every ID?

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