TutorialCopy Values to Other Fields Gravity Forms

Do you want to make it possible to visitors of your form to copy data filled in in text fields to other ’empty’ fields? For example the invoice address and the shipping address. Or a name from a contact and somebody that is signing the form? Well… this is easy doable.

How to duplicate an address in Gravity Forms?

In the example form on this page we used this code in the CSS of the checkbox:

copy-24.1-to-25.1 copy-24.2-to-25.2 copy-24.3-to-25.3 copy-24.4-to-25.4 copy-24.5-to-25.5 copy-24.6-to-25.6

The default Gravity Forms Address Field has a maximum of 6 fields. So it’s enough to copy those exact 1.1-to-2.1 fields to 1.6-to-2.6 and all the numbers in between.

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