TutorialCreate entries based on list field, checkboxes and multi-select

Do you want to automatically create entries based on selected checkbox and multi-select choices or on rows in a List Field? With the Field to Entries Add-on for Gravity Forms you can do that with a feed.

Create entries based on checkbox choices

In this example we’ll walk you through creating entries based on selected checkbox choices. We have a form with a Single Line Text field the user can fill in a name and a Checkbox with different tasks.

Simple Gravity Form with a Single Line Text field (Name) and a Checkbox with 3 choices.

In the Form Settings > Field to Entries we can create a new feed. As source we select the Checkbox Field and we select as Target Form a newly created Tasks Form. This Tasks form has only two Single Line Text Fields (Name & Task).

Under Field Mapping we map the name fields (we want to have the name filled in every time). The Single Line Text Field ‘Task’ we want to fill with the selected Task value. You can do that by selecting ‘Field -> Entry: Tasks (each selected item)’. This will create a new Entry for every selected checkbox item and fills in the name and the selected task.

Screenshot of the feed settings from Field to Entries, selecting a Source Field, a Target Form and Field Mapping settings.

Now we can fill in our example Form:

Screenshot of example form filled in.

This will create automatically two entries in the Task Form:

Screenshot of newly created entries based on selected checkbox items.

Create entries based on List Field rows

We can do the same with a Gravity Forms List Field. We’ll add that to our example Form:

Screenshot of Gravity Forms List Field in the Form Builder

We add a new Feed to our Form in Form Settings > Field to Entries:

Screenshot of Feeds overview in Form Settings > Field to Entries

We can select under Field Mapping the Task Field and map it to ‘Field -> Entry: List (each row)’:

Screenshot of Feed settings Field to Entries Add-on.

We add some extra tasks in the List:

Screenshot of Example Form filled in with dummy data.

When submitting this Form it automatically creates an entry based on the selected Checkbox item ánd will create a new entry for every row in the List Field.

Screenshot of entries in Target Form with entries created by selected checkbox choice and List Field rows.

Create entries based on Multi Select

You can also use a Gravity Forms Multi Select Field to dynamiccaly create new entries based on the selected values.

We’ve added a Multi Select Field to our example form with 6 choices:

And map it to the selected Multi Select choices:

We have advanced User Interface on, so you can easily select items in the Multi Select. This time we only select Task 2, 4 and 6.

This created new entries for every selected Multi Select item:

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