Update multiple entries in a target form by submitting an entry in a trigger form.

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Trigger the update of multiple entries in a target form by submitting an entry in a trigger form.




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The GravityWP – Update Multiple Entries Form Feed Settings page


  • Target specific entries
    Target a specific set of entries using conditional logic.
  • Add multiple update entries feeds
    You can add more feeds which execute depending on the conditions you set.
  • Combine Merge Tags from both the target entry and the trigger entry
    Map target form field values using merge tags of the both the trigger form and the target form.
  • Entry notes
    Notes are added to both the trigger and the target entries, so you can see what happened.
  • Process large batches of entries
    Supports large sets of target entries which would exceed PHP time limits by queueing the update process in a background process.
    We tested updating sets of 100k entries successfully!
  • Optimized for maximal performance

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