Create JSON Webtokens to populate fields dynamically in Gravity Forms.

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Create JSON Webtokens to populate fields in your Gravity Form. With a secure key you can validate the data you don’t want to be tampered with.




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What is a JSON Webtoken (JWT)?

JSON Web Tokens are an open, industry standard RFC 7519 method for representing claims securely between two parties.

For example, a server could generate a token that has the claim “client_id” and provide that to a client. The client could then use that token to prove that it is an actual client. The tokens can be signed by one party’s private key (usually the server’s) so that party can subsequently verify the token is legitimate. If the other party, by some suitable and trustworthy means, is in possession of the corresponding public key, they too are able to verify the token’s legitimacy.

The tokens are designed to be compact, URL-safe, and usable especially in a web-browser single-sign-on (SSO) context. JWT claims can typically be used to pass identity of authenticated users between an identity provider and a service provider, or any other type of claims as required by business processes.

Read more about JSON Web Tokens on wikipedia, and Medium.

Minimal PHP version 7.4

JSON Web Token to populate Gravity Forms

With the JWT Prefill Add-on you can generate and configure JSON Web Tokens to populate (and verify) data in your Gravity Form.

  • Dynamic Population
    Dynamically populate your Gravity Forms with claims from a JSON Web Token.
  • Private Key
    Configuring a Private key in the Form Settings.
  • Schedule requirement
    Setting a Start time and End time to the JWT requirement.
  • Allowed or forbidden
    Checking allowed (or forbidden) JSON Web Tokens.
  • JWT Shortcode
    Shortcode to generate JSON Web Tokens.
  • JWT Gravity Flow Step
    Gravity Flow step to generate and save JSON Web Tokens.
  • JWT Merge Tag Modifier
    Extract claims from the JSON Web Token with a Merge Tag Modifier.
  • JSON Web Token Field
    JSON Web Token Gravity Forms Field to capture and and check the validity of the token.


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