TutorialAppend text before or after Gravity Forms Merge Tag if not empty

Do you want to append a string of text (or characters) before and after the Merge Tag output and keep it empty if the field is empty? With the gwp_append Merge Tag Modifier from Advanced Merge Tags you can do that. We’ll walk you through it step by step.

Adding text before Merge Tag output

To add text at the beginning of the Merge Tag output, use the following Merge Tag Modifier:

{Organization:1:gwp_append before=" - "}

Client example: We have a client with Forms that have a Gravity Forms Single Line Text Field where site visitors can enter their organization. This field is not required, because not everybody is part of an organization. In the e-mail that is send we want to add the organisation to the Subject of the e-mail. In case there is an organization filled in, we want to add a space, a dash and another space in front of the output. With the above modifier, we can do that. There will be no dash in case there is no value available.

Adding text after the Merge Tag output

There are also cases where you want to add something after the output, for example adding some kind of metrics or even a whole string in case something is filled in. You can do that like this:

{Organization:1:gwp_append after=" MWh"}

This will output the value (for example a number) and adds the abbreviation of megawatt hour to the output, if the field value is not empty.

Adding text both before and after the Merge Tag ouput

You can also add both text before and after the Merge Tag ouput of the Gravity Forms field. This examples adds a dash in front of the ouput and a dash after the ouput and will only show if there is a value filled in.

{Organization:1:gwp_append before=" - " after=" - "}

Try it in the demo


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