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Do you need an overview of all the calculations in your Gravity Form? With GravityWP – Merge Tags you can easily get a list of all calculations (formulas) in one form, with some additional information like Field ID, Admin label and Number Format.

Overview of Gravity Form formulas used in calculations

Especially when you build long, complex Forms with multiple number fields and multiple calculations, it can be very tricky to keep a good overview of what’s going on. When you activate our free Merge Tags add-on for Gravity Forms, you can get a lot of detailed information about the fields in your form.

One of the tabs with information is ‘Calculations’. It shows a table with the following columns:

  • ID: Field ID of the Gravity Forms field
  • Field Label: the label of the field
  • Admin Label: the admin label (if defined)
  • Formula: the formula that is used in the calculation
  • Number Format: the number format (e.g. decimal_dot, decimal_comma or currency)

Other available insights in your Gravity Form

Beside calculations, you can also get information about all the Conditional Logic used in your form. Or get information about all the Merge Tags (both in your form as available through other add-ons). Information about your Workflow steps.

Read here more about these other tabs.

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