Support Entry Approval

Do you want to show the number of approved entries? Thanks to the wonderful support of GravityView we also added a filter for approval status:

[gravitywp_count formid="2" number_field="4" is_approved="yes"]

is_approved: Do you want to count only for the approved entries in GravityView? Or only the entries that are not approved? Add is_approved=”yes” or is_approved=”no” to your shortcode attributes.

GravityView Entry Approval

When you have GravityView installed, you can approve (or reject) entries in the back-end and in the front-end. You can read more about this functionality in the documentation from GravityView.

In the back-end, the approval functionality is visible when you go to Entries in your Gravity Form:

You can also add the approval functionality to your front-end views:

It works like this:

Last updated: 01-12-2021


For this plugin you need to install the free GravityWP - Count from the WordPress repository.

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