The gwp_count_matched_entries Modifier can be used to count entries from another form, based on a shared value with optional extra filters.

:gwp_count_matched_entries form_id= match_id= filter1= operator1= value1= filter2= operator2= value2=

Supported operators: ‘is’, ‘isnot’, ‘contains’, ‘greater_than’, ‘less_than’, ‘greater_than_or_is’, ‘less_than_or_is’.


{Textfield:1:gwp_count_matched_entries form_id="2" match_id='1' filter1="3" operator1="isnot" value1=complete filter2="created_by" operator2="is" value2=1}

Matches all entries in Form 2 where Field 1 has the same value as Textfield:1. It counts only entries where Field 3 value is ‘complete’ AND where created_by is User 1. The total count (sum) of matching entries is returned.

Last updated: 10-01-2022

Advanced Merge Tagsv1.5.1

To use the functionalities described in this documentation, you'll need to get the GravityWP - Advanced Merge Tags add-on.

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