Advanced Tab

The Admin Tab shows information about:

  • Admin Label: The Admin Label for this Field.
  • Merge Tag: The Merge Tag with Admin Label as label inside the Merge Tag.
  • Field Label: Label of the Field.
  • Populate: With which slug value you can populate this field
  • CSS: Which CSS is added to this Field.
  • Field Type: What is the Field Type (radio, select, text, checkbox, etc).
Screenshot of the Advanced Tab in GravityWP – Merge Tags, showing the Admin Label, the Merge Tag, Field Label, the Populate settings, CSS and the Field Type. With option to toggle columns and field types off and on.

Last updated: 31-07-2022

Merge Tagsv1.2.0

For this functionality you'll need to install the GravityWP - Merge Tags Add-on.

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