Add custom CSS buttons

You can add your own CSS to the CSS Selector easily in your functions.php file. Just add the following example code there. It adds quick buttons and an accordion on top of the modal. That way you can put easily your own CSS in the layout you want.

// Add custom css: quick buttons and accordion at the top of the GravityWP - CSS Selector modal
function my_custom_gwp_css_selector_add_css() {
    $html .= "<div class='gwp_quick_links'>
    <a class='gwp_css_link' href='#' rel='css_class' title='Insert css_class'>Custom CSS</a>
    <a class='gwp_css_link' href='#' rel='css_class_2' title='Insert css_class_2'>2nd Custom CSS</a></div>
    <a class='gwp_css_acc_link' href='#'>Custom CSS</a>
    <div class='gwp_css_accordian'>
    <a class='gwp_css_link' href='#' rel='css_class_3' title='Insert css_class_3'>3rd Custom CSS</a>
    <a class='gwp_css_link' href='#' rel='css_class_4' title='Insert css_class_4'>4th Custom CSS</a>
    return $html;
add_filter( 'gwp_css_selector_add_custom_css', 'my_custom_gwp_css_selector_add_css' );

Last updated: 31-05-2022

CSS Selectorv1.0.2

For this functionality you need the GravityWP - CSS Selector Add-on installed.

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