Easily select CSS Ready Classes for your Gravity Forms Fields.


Gravity Forms has CSS Ready Classes to style your form fields. Using these classes, you can easily create more advanced layouts for the fields in your forms. Excellent idea, however, the problem is you always need to remember what the exact class name is. Now with this CSS Ready Classes selector, you don’t need to remember. Simply click on a button to launch the pop-up and choose the class you want to add.





Screenshot of pop-up modal with CSS Ready Classes options.
Screenshot of pop-up modal with CSS Ready Classes options.


  • Convenient button added under the advanced tab next to the CSS Class field
  • Clean and simple pop-up that lists all the CSS Ready Classes
  • Add more than one CSS Ready Class
  • Double-click a CSS Ready Class to add it and auto-close the popup
  • Also 4 columns supported
  • Add your custom CSS to the pop-up modal

Fantastic plugin to style your Gravity forms. Saves a lot of time. Thanks you so much for making this available.


I’ve check out css name documentation for gravity like a million times to make columns until I came across this plugin.. thanks for making it available. it does what it should.


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