Enable Number Format

When the List Field Number Format add-on is activated, you’ll get an extra option when selecting a Gravity Forms List Field.


  • Click on the ‘Enable Number Format‘ checkbox
  • You have different options:
    • Number Format: point decimals, comma decimals and Currency.
    • Rounding: Up to 5 numbers after the decimal.
    • Rounding Direction: Round closest, Round up, Round down
    • Range: Define a minimum and maximum number.
    • Enable Range Instructions: When clicked it will show instructions about the minimum and maximum number.
    • Enable Column Total: Will add an extra row at the bottom of your list with the column total calculation.

Demo List Field Number Format

Last updated: 08-11-2021

List Number Format1.2-beta-1.3

You need the List Number Format Add-on to have this functionality on your site.

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