With the gwp_replace Merge Tag Modifier for Gravity Forms you can search and replace parts of the field value before outputting it to the screen.

:gwp_replace search= replace=

If you want to change the output of a Merge Tag text, use the Modifier like this:

{Example:1} GravityWP
{Example:1:gwp_replace search="ravity" replace="RAVITY"} :gwp_replace search=”ravity” replace=”RAVITYGRAVITYWP
{Example:1:gwp_replace search="WP" replace=" Forms"}:gwp_replace search=”WP” replace=” Forms”Gravity Forms

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Support for Nested Mergetags

Read more about Nested Mergetags here. Example of gwp_replace to search and replace with values from other fields in your Gravity Form:

{String:1:gwp_replace search='*|Which part to replace:2|*' replace='*|Replace with:3|*'}

Support for Nested Modifiers

Read more about Nested Modifiers here. Example of gwp_replace with one nested (extra) modifier, wehere ‘GravityWP’ is replaced by ‘WP’ with the original modifier and ‘cool’ by ‘awesome’ by the nested modifier.

{Example:1:gwp_replace search="GravityWP" replace="GWP" modifier1='gwp_replace search="cool" replace="awesome"'}

Replace multiple values

To search and replace multiple values you can use this generator, it will create up to 8 Nested Modifiers for you. Just remove the ones you don’t need.

Last updated: 10-07-2023

Advanced Merge Tagsv1.4

To use the functionalities described in this documentation, you'll need to get the GravityWP - Advanced Merge Tags add-on.

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