With the gwp_case Merge Tag Modifier for Gravity Forms you can easily change the text value to uppercase, lowercase, first character uppercase, first character lowercase or uppercase all the words.

:gwp_case to=upper|lower|lower_first|upper_first|upper_words


If you want to change the output of a Merge Tag text, use the Modifier like this:

{Example:1} GravityWP
{Example:1:gwp_case to=upper} :gwp_case to=upperGRAVITYWP
{Example:1:gwp_case to=lower} :gwp_case to=lowergravitywp
{Example:1:gwp_case to=lower_first} :gwp_case to=lower_firstgravityWP
{Example:2}gravitywp add-on
{Example:2:gwp_case to=upper_first} :gwp_case to=upper_first Gravitywp add-on
{Example:2:gwp_case to=upper_words} :gwp_case to=upper_words Gravitywp Add-on

Last updated: 18-11-2021

Advanced Merge Tagsv1.1

To use the functionalities described in this documentation, you'll need to get the GravityWP - Advanced Merge Tags add-on.

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