Workflow Tab

The Workflow Tab is only activated when you have Gravity Flow installed on your website.

The Workflow Tab shows:

  • Gravity Flow Step: which Gravity Flow steps are configured for the current form.
  • ID: The ID of the Workflow Step.
  • Type: What kind of Workflow Step is it.
  • Active: Is the Workflow Step active or not.
  • Conditions: Quick information about the conditions that are set for the Workflow Step.
  • Next Step (id): What is the Next Workflow Step after the current one is completed.
  • Count Shortcode: If you have the GravityWP – Count add-on installed, it will also show you an example shortcode to show how many entries are currently at this step.
Merge Tagsv1.0.3

For this functionality you'll need to install the GravityWP - Merge Tags Add-on.

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