Filter Hook Meta Tab

Specially for developers: how to add Gravity Forms Merge Tags and Modifiers of your own plugin to the GravityWP – Merge Tags Meta tab.

You can do that by using the gwp_merge_tags_meta_merge_tags filter:

add_filter( 'gwp_merge_tags_meta_merge_tags', 'my_plugin', 10, 1 );
function my_plugin( $gwp_merge_tags ) {
    $gwp_merge_tags['my_plugin']['name']   = 'My custom table';
    $gwp_merge_tags['my_plugin']['url']    = '';
    $gwp_merge_tags['my_plugin']['values'] = array(
    return $gwp_merge_tags;

The $gwp_merge_tags variable is an associative array, which you can add your own merge tags to.

  • $gwp_merge_tags[‘key’] a unique key for your plugin.
  • $gwp_merge_tags[‘key’][‘name’] contains the title for the table header.
  • $gwp_merge_tags[‘key’][‘url’] URL for the plugin website.
  • $gwp_merge_tags[‘key’][‘values’] an array with merge tags.

Meta tab

After adding the filter your Merge Tags and Modifiers will be visible on the Meta tab in GravityWP – Merge Tags:

Merge Tagsv1.2.0

For this functionality you'll need to install the GravityWP - Merge Tags Add-on.

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