Dynamic population url

At the bottom of the Advanced tab in GravityWP – Merge Tags, you’ll find a handy generated URL you can use for dynamically populating your Gravity Form. It also creates a formula you can use in Excel to create an encoded URL query string based on Excel data. It looks like this in your WordPress wp-admin page:

Url query string template for dynamic population

The first row is a simple query string based on the fields in your Gravity Forms where Populate Dynamically is activated and a parameter is defined. We have for example a form with these these parameters defined to fill in the fields:

Field LabelMerge TagPopulate
Single Line Text{Single Line Text:2}single-line-text
Paragraph Text{Paragraph Text:3}paragraph-text
Drop Down{Drop Down:4}drop-down
Radio Buttons{Radio Buttons:7}radio-buttons
Hidden Field{Hidden Field:38}hidden
List (Enable multiple columns){List (Enable multiple columns):21}list-multiple-columns
Multi Select{Multi Select:19}multi-select
The GravityWP – Merge Tags Add-on will generate automatically a URL query string template to use for dynamic population. You only have to replace (in capital letters) MERGETAG with the information you need to automatically fill in once the form is loaded:

Excel formula for generating url (encoded) query string

The add-on also generated a formula you can use in Excel to create links to your Gravity Forms with information from an Excel file.

It comes in two variants:

  • International: this is the international way of encoding data in Excel so it’s usable inside an url (without spaces of special characters that could break your link)
  • Localized: based on your browser language, the link will use the appropriate Excel command to URL encode the data.

You only have to replace CELL with the Excel Cell you want to target (that contains the information you want to automatically fill in):

Merge Tagsv1.2.0

For this functionality you'll need to install the GravityWP - Merge Tags Add-on.

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