Feature: Workflow

Workflow for Gravity Forms entries

Create entries based on list field, checkboxes and multi-select

Do you want to automatically create entries based on selected checkbox and multi-select choices or on rows in a List Field?

Connect WooCommerce to Gravity Forms

Do you want to create a new Gravity Forms entry the moment an order is processed in WooCommerce? Or when a payment is pending, on hold, completed, cancelled, refunded or failed? With the WooCommerce Add-on for Gravity Flow you can do that easily and create follow-up Workflow Steps after the entry is created.

Showing Gravity Workflows in Flowcharts

Do you want a graphical overview of all the workflows in your Gravity Forms and the ability to print it or save as PDF? With the Flowchart Add-on from Gravity Flow you easily create an overview of all your Workflow Steps.

Connecting Multiple Gravity Forms Together

Do you want to connect different Gravity Forms with each other, for exampe to change something in your form after an entry is submitted in another form on your site (or even another site)?

Incoming Webhooks for Gravity Forms

Do you want to add (and process) data from an incoming webhook to your Gravity Form? You can use the Incoming Webhook Add-on from Gravity Flow to do that.

Drip Mail Marketing Gravity Forms

Drip campaigns are basically a set of marketing emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule. If you have Gravity Forms and Gravity Flow installed, it’s very easy to set up your own Drip Campaign.

Show All Merge Tags Gravity Form

With this simple Add-on for Gravity Forms you have a special admin page or can use a shortcode to get all the merge tags from a specific Form. No more clicking on a dropdown to select the merge tag you need, but just copy and paste it from the list.