Support Gravity Flow

Gravity Flow is also supported in filtering the results of the GravityWP – Count shortcode. To simply show the number of entries that are at a specific Gravity Flow step, use this shortcode:

[gravitywp_count formid="2" workflow_step="5"]

You have to use the workflow step ID to filter the number of entries that are currently pending on that step. You can use the GravityWP – Merge Tags plugin to easily find the ID (or even the shortcode to use). The plugin will provide a page with all the details of Gravity Flow steps for every form, including the shortcode to use.

Or, the more difficult variant, you can open the step you want to filter on and check the url. It will be something like this:

The last number in the url (the ‘fid=5’) shows the ID of the workflow step.

workflow_step: Fill in the workflow step ID here to use as a filter.
workflow_step_status: This is a comma seperated string. You can use one or both of the following options: pending,complete.
workflow_step_is_current: this can be set to true or false. If set to false, it will count everything that is in workflow steps after the selected workflow_step (including the selected workflow_step).

Last updated: 25-11-2021


For this plugin you need to install the free GravityWP - Count from the WordPress repository.

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