You can round the value of a Number Field by selecting the ‘Round the Value’ checkbox in the General Field Settings:

Rounding numbers

Rounding the value inside the Number Field up to 5 decimal places.

Rounding method

Decide which direction to round the value:

  • Round: Rounds up or down dependent on the closest: with two decimal places, 1.224 will turn into 1.22 and 1.226 will turn into 1.23
  • Ceil: Rounding the value up: both 1.224 and 1.226 will turn into 1.23
  • Floor: Rounding the value down: 1.224 and 1.226 will turn into 1.22

Demo Rounding numbers in Gravity Forms

See also our Tutorial Rounding numbers in Gravity Forms.

Last updated: 03-12-2022

Advanced Number Fieldv1.1

For this functionality you need the GravityWP - Advanced Number Field Add-on installed.

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