Updating date fields

When updating Gravity Forms date fields with GravityWP – Update Multiple Entries using ‘Add Custom Value’, it’s important that you update the field in the correct date format.

Gravity Forms saves the date field in the database in the following format:


When updating the date field it’s important you write (or output) the value as:



In combination with Advanced Merge Tags modifier gwp_date_format, you should use the Y-m-d format like this example:

{Date Field:1:gwp_date_format modify="first day of next month" format="Y-m-d"}

The above example returns the first day of the next month relative to the date in Date Field (Field ID 1) and formats it as Year-Month-Day (Y-m-d).

Update Multiple Entriesv1.0-beta.6

For this functionality you need the GravityWP - Update Multiple Entries Add-on installed.

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