Settings JWT Prefill

After the JWT Prefill Add-on is activated, you’ll see an extra settings page for your Gravity Form.

Screenshot of setting the private key and enabling populating fields with JWT claims.

Most importantly is to set a Private key. The key you save in the input is the key that’s going to be used for generating your JWT tokens. To help you, the Add-on generates automatically a secure key you can use. This will generate on every page load of the JWT Prefill settings page.


You can configure validations:

  • Parameter gwp_token is required: When enabled, the Gravity Form will only be loaded if a gwp_token is passed in the url query.
  • Schedule gwp_token requirement: You can configure a Start time and End time for the requirement of the token. This can be handy if you want to schedule a certain moment when you want the form only to be accessible with a gwp_token or when you want to open the form (End time) for everybody after a certain date and time.
    • Start time: the moment a gwp_token is required
    • End time: the moment a gwp_token is not required anymore
Screenshot of the Validation settings for JWT tokens.

Check for allowed tokens

You can also configure a check on allowed or forbidden tokens. This can be handy if you want to be 100% sure that the JWT token being used is allowed to be used. You can do that by connecting another Form that holds the allowed or the forbidden tokens in a Single Line Text field.

User messages

On the settings page you can also change the default User messages that are shown when:

  • Invalid token: message shown to front-end users when the token that was passed in the gwp_token parameter is invalid.
  • Empty gwp_token parameter: message shown when the gwp_token is required but empty.
  • Invalid signature: message shown when the signature (checked with the private key) is not valid.
  • Expired: message shown when the token is expired (exp claim inside the token)
  • Not valid yet: message shown if the token can’t be used yet.
  • Not allowed: message shown when the token is not allowed (when configured with the check on allowed or forbidden tokens in another form).
JWT Prefillv1.2.7

For this functionality (using JSON Webtokens to populate fields) you need to activate the GravityWP - JWT Prefill Add-on.

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