TutorialRange slider for Gravity Forms Product field (Price Field)

Do you want to use a slider to set the value of a Gravity Forms Product field (Price Field)? This is easy to implement as you use the Slider Field value in a Product Field calculation.

Slider fields can be added using our GravityWP – Advanced Number Field Add-On. Custom units are also supported by this add-on.

Demo Form featuring a Product Field with a range slider

Here is a demo featuring the range slider, linked to the Product field (Price Field). It also shows the custom unit feature.

1. How to configure the Range slider

Add a number field to your form, and turn it into a slider by ticking the ‘Show as Slider’ checkbox in the Number Field settings. Define the minimal and maximal value and the range step.

Advanced Number Field Range Slider settings - Screenshot
Advanced Number Field Range Slider settings

Note we are using the GravityWP – Advanced Number Field settings here. These add-on should be installed and active on your site. It might also work with other plugins adding a slider feature. If you want to customize the style the slider check out the Styling (range) Slider Gravity Forms tutorial.

2. How to configure the Product field (Price Field) to reflect the range slider value

Add a Product Field to your form. Check the ‘Disable Quantity field’ box and select ‘Calculation’ as Field Type. Enter the calculation. Here you can use the Number Field Range Slider value as a merge tag, like {Range slider value:1}, and multiply it with a certain factor if you like. The price value is automatically updated when the slider value changes.

Product Field settings to use a range slider value - screenshot
Product Field settings to use a range slider value

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