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Alert for potential buyers
The plugins of provide a lot of functionality, but it’s not sure how well the plugin developer maintains his plugins. We tried to send them messages several times, but didn’t get a reply. We don’t want to stop you buying the wonderful functionality, but we do want to warn you to be careful using it in a production enviroment.

Do you want to show a slider in your Gravity Form? This is the way to do it. Simply add a slider and decide how to show it: what is the maximum (in currency, or number) and minimum and which steps can they maken. Look at the example below.

Demo Gravity Forms Slider

  • $
    And try to answer as honest as possible: what would it be worth to you to have a slider field (perfectly working, also in GravityView, GF Charts and Gravity Flow)?

How does Gravity Forms Slider work?

Gravity Forms Slider adds an extra field option to your Gravity Forms Advanced Fields menu.

You should be aware that it’s not tested to much with GravityView, Gravity Flow and GFChart, so to use it is on your own risk. But if you want an easy way to add (rang) sliders to your Gravity Forms, this is till now the best solution.

The Slider Field for Gravity Forms

You add a slider and you can choose:

  • Minimum value: where does your slider start?
  • Maximum value: where does your slider end.
  • Prefix and Suffix: like a Dollar sign ($), percentage (%) or something else
  • Step value: which steps should the slider make (1, 3, 5, 100, more, custom)

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