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If you make custom pdf templates for Gravity PDF, it can be handy to have a list of all the merge tags from a specific form. With our simple plugin you can use a shortcode to get all the merge tags from a specific form ID.

How it works?

Imagine, you have a Gravity Form. And you want to have an easy way to show all the Merge Tags from that specific form, without having to click on it inside the confirmations or notifications area? Take for example this form:

Merge tags:

{You are a:5}
{First name:2}
{Last name:3}

Shortcode to show all merge tags Gravity Forms

Just install the plugin ‘GravityWP – Merge Tags‘ from the WordPress repository and use this shortcode to get a list of all your merge tags (from a specific Form ID):

[[gravitywp_mergetags formid="1"]]

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