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Do you need a Number field in your Gravity Forms list column? And to make calculations within a list row or column? No need to look further, the plugin of ovann86 does just that: Turn your list field columns into repeatable number fields.

Demo Number for List Field

  • TaskHoursRateTotal 
    Add a new row

How to use?

Just install the plugin and make a Gravity Form with a List Field. You will see this extra options:

Different languages

You can translate this plugin by using the .po file. Download it as a zip here below. Based on version 1.3.3 of this plugin.

Upload the translation files in this folder on your server:


So, for the Dutch (Nederlandse) translation for example, it should look like this on your server:


Solution for problem with calculation decimals / currency

You can experience some problems with this plugin when you use it in the European notation or Euro currency. There is a work-around for that. Not perfect, but it solves the problem for now. Just add this to your funtions.php file in your theme:

add_filter( 'gform_currencies', 'update_currency' );
function update_currency( $currencies ) {
    $currencies['EUR'] = array(
        'name'               => __( 'Euro', 'gravityforms' ),
        'symbol_left'        => '€',
        'symbol_right'       => '',
        'symbol_padding'     => ' ',
        'thousand_separator' => ' ',
        'decimal_separator'  => ',',
        'decimals'           => 0

    return $currencies;

It makes the euro notation without decimals and it uses a ‘space’ as thousands separator in stead of a comma or point. This makes all the calculations work perfectly.

What does it look like in GravityView?

List calculations
Task Hours Rate Total
3 4 12
Task Hours Rate Total
3 4 12
Task Hours Rate Total
Test 2 5 10
Test2 3 4 12
Task Hours Rate Total
vijay 12 5 60
dsfdsfsf 1 2 2
sjhdfdgsf 1 8 8
Task Hours Rate Total
iuijjhogo 12 10 120
10 10 100
List calculations
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