Configuring the feed

In the Form Settings you’ll have an extra tab for Field to Entries:

Select a Source Field

When creating (or editing) a new Feed you can select a Source Field. This drop down shows the Fields in your Form that can be used (Checkbox, Multi Select and List Field):

Select Target Form

After selecting the Source Field you want to use to create new Entries, you can select a Target Form. This is the Form wherein the new entries will be created.

Field Mapping

After you’ve selected the Source Field and the Target Form, you can start mapping fields. The Field column is the Field from the Target Form you want to fill with data from the entry. Under Value you can select which value from the current Form entry you want to use to fill the field in the Target Form.

You’ll see that you have an extra option available in the Value Drop Down, in this example ‘Field -> Entry: Multi Select Tasks (each selected item)’. This will fill the field in the Target Form entry with the selected data from the Multi Select. This works the same with Checkbox and List Fields.

Field to Entriesv1.0

For this functionality to work you need to install the GravityWP - Field to Entries Add-on.

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