Update Multiple Entries

Update Multiple Entries Addon Thumbnail

The Update Multiple Entries Addon allows you to add one or more feeds to Gravity Forms which update multiple entries in a target form after submitting an entry in a ‘trigger’ form. […]

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Text Field Variables

This Gravity Forms add-on allows the use of custom variables in Single Line Text and Paragraph Text fields. You decide yourself at which moment the custom variables are turned into values. […]

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Advanced Number Field

Provides functionality to the Gravity Forms Number Field, like rounding or only absolute numbers, fixed point notation up to 5 decimals, range calculation, custom units like % or m2, show as slider. […]

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JWT Prefill

Create JSON Webtokens to populate fields in your Gravity Form. With a secure key you can validate the data you don’t want to be tampered with. […]

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Display the number of entries in Gravity Forms (and filter them). Or count and display the total for multiple entries of a number field in Gravity Forms and show it on your website with this simple shortcode. […]

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CSS Selector

ADD-ON CSS SELECTOR Easily select CSS Ready Classes for your Gravity Forms Fields. Download Gravity Forms has CSS Ready Classes to style your form fields. Using these classes, you can easily create more advanced layouts for the fields in your forms. Excellent idea, however, the problem is you always need to remember what the exact […]

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List Number Format

ADD-ON LIST NUMBER FORMAT Format List Field Columns as Number Field, do Calculations with row and column totals. Purchase $49 With the List Number Format Add-on for Gravity Forms you can change List Field columns into a number field and do calculations within a row or column. Extra merge tags are available with the total […]

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Advanced Merge Tags

This Gravity Forms Add-On adds extra Merge Tag modifiers (and a lot of power). From the most common used functions like capitalize and trim to changing date formats. […]

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