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Do you want to show data from your Gravity Forms in a (complex) Bar Chart? There is only one plugin you should use: GF Chart. You can easily make Bar charts (even very complex ones) from the data visitors of your website filled in on your website.

Example Bar Chart GFCharts

How to make a Complex Bar Chart with GFChart?

Just install the plugin and make a Gravity Form with a radio button or drop down field. In the WP-admin area go to ‘Forms ->’Charts/Calculations’. Add a new Chart and select the right form. You can use GF Chart with many other fields as well, but for this example, we use a Radio Button as basis.  

Step 1: Design

You choose for the Bar and for the Horizontal option. There is an option to choose for where to place the legend relative to the Bar chart.

Step 2: Select Data

Which field(s) should be the basis of your bar chart? There are different options to specify, but that is not needed to go into. If you are a professional user of Gravity Forms, it’s nice to have these extra options!

Step 3: Configuration

The Gravity Forms Charts plugin gives you some options to style your Bar Chart, like height and width.

Step 4: Preview

GF Charts gives you on the spot a preview of the chart you’re making. Not satisfied? Change it in the previous steps. Satisfied? Use the simple shortcode to place it anywhere on your website.

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GFCharts by Mensard is the best chart / calculation add-on for Gravity Forms out there. Do you want to show data from your Gravity Forms as bar chart, a pie chart or even a 3D Pie Chart or a donut chart inside your blog posts and pages? This is the way to do it. Visit GFChart.com
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