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Do you want to generate PDF’s automatically filled with data from Gravity Forms entries? And do you want to show this as a download link on the front end of your WordPress website? With the combination GravityView and Gravity PDF it’s easy.

How to add the download PDF to Gravity Views?

First locate the Gravity PDF shortcode. Go to Form > Settings > PDF and copy the shortcode. It should look something like this:

Gravity Forms 2.5 and later
Gravity Forms 2.4 and earlier
[gravitypdf name="Default Template" id="576837b50963a" text="Download PDF"]

You can paste this shortcode in a custom field in Gravity View and it will generate automatically a download link to the PDF file.

Enable Public Access

If you want visitors of your site to be able to download the PDF without having to login, just click under ‘Advanced’ on ‘Enable Public Access’. Be aware if there is personal information in the PDF, because anyone will be able to access it.

Gravity Forms 2.5 and later
Gravity Forms 2.4 and earlier

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