Configure a List Field column as Dropdown select

Set a List column to Dropdown

In the form editor select your single or multi column list field. Tick the ‘enable Dropdown select’ checkbox and add your predefined set of values where the user may choose from.

Make a difference between labels and values

Labels are visible to the form users. Values are saved in the form entry. When you tick the ‘Show Values’ option you can specify a value for each label.

Enhanced user interface

Enabling the enhanced user interface enhances the Dropdown select user interface, enabling search for example. This options comes with a downside: it is not accessible for screen readers and people without a mouse. We included it mainly for backwards compatibility reasons.

Screenshot of the enhanced user interface warning.
Screenshot of the enhanced user interface warning.

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Last updated: 18-07-2022

List Dropdownv2.0.1

For this functionality to work you need to install the GravityWP - List Dropdown Add-on.

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