Display the number of entries in Gravity Forms (and filter them). Or count and display the total for multiple entries of a number field in Gravity Forms and show it on your website with this simple shortcode.

Most simple version of the shortcode (display number of total entries Gravity Forms for a form):

[gravitywp_count formid="2"]

Most extensive version of the shortcode (display the total count of a number field from multiple Gravity Forms entries with two filters and input for number of decimals, the decimal point notation and the thousand seperator):

[gravitywp_count formid="2" number_field="4" filter_field="3" filter_value="IT developer" filter_field2="5" filter_value2="41 and older" decimals="2" dec_point="." thousands_sep=","] 

Test the plugin here

  • Not required. We keep you updated about new versions if you fill in your e-mail address here.
  • Please enter a value between 1.00 and 99.99.

What people (and you) filled in

This shows a list of all the answers we got in the demo for the Count Number Plugin.

 Your name Your job? Number Age Entry Date
ddIT developer3.021 - 40December 15, 2017
imanConsultant99.9921 - 40December 6, 2017
Testing AccountConsultant8.8821 - 40December 6, 2017
BillSomething else3.1441 and olderDecember 5, 2017
abcIT developer3341 and olderDecember 4, 2017
asdasdSomething else1221 - 40November 29, 2017
BJIT developer5441 and olderNovember 21, 2017
norgeIT developer2.0041 and olderNovember 17, 2017
jkSomething else721 - 40November 15, 2017
MyNameIT developer4.2021 - 40November 13, 2017
jjIT developer1.121 - 40November 13, 2017
ghdIT developer121 - 40November 12, 2017
MaartenIT developer50 - 20October 24, 2017
Tew SeffaConsultant6621 - 40October 18, 2017
vvvvIT developer1.4621 - 40October 13, 2017
havijIT developer550 - 20October 10, 2017
testSomething else1221 - 40October 4, 2017
nickIT developer1.341 and olderSeptember 25, 2017
MartinConsultant221 - 40September 4, 2017
TestEmployee (my boss decides)721 - 40August 31, 2017
elmerIT developer8841 and olderAugust 28, 2017
gfIT developer341 and olderAugust 18, 2017
betsyIT developer441 and olderAugust 16, 2017
weSomething else4421 - 40August 15, 2017
asdasdConsultant1241 and olderAugust 15, 2017
 Your name Your job? Number Age Entry Date

Results Demo: Total Count Number field filtered

IT Developer



Something else

Total count of the number field (multiple entries) Gravity Forms

Total count of the number field (multiple entries) Gravity Forms

How to use the Count Plugin

Add all number fields in all entries:

If you want to count the total of a number field from multiple entries, use this shortcode:


formid: This is the id of the form you want to target your shortcode at. It’s in orange


number_field: This is the field number you want to target. Make sure this is a number field!!!!



decimals: This is how many decimals you want to show (after the point (if you are in the US or England) or after the comma (if you are in Europe or the rest of the world)). You can type 0 (zero) if you only want to show whole numbers. You can type 1, 2, 3, 4 or 10 or more to show more decimal numbers.

dec_point: This is what decimal point you want to use. In the USA and England this is a point. In Europe, the comma is used to show the decimal point. For example: USA: 1.23 and Europe: 1,23.

thousands_sep: The thousands seperator is to, what it says, the notation you use to seperate thousands. In the USA this is a comma, in Europa this is a point. For example a million in USA is: 1,000,000.00 and in Europe it is: 1.000.000,00. You can define the thousands seperator in the shortcode.

Total count of all number fields, but filter on 1 other field:

If you want to use the Count Plugin and filter on 1 field (text, dropdown, radio button), use this shortcode:


filter_field: this is the Field ID you want to use in your filter. Go to your Gravity Form, go to the Field (text, dropdown, radio button) you want to use as your filter and write down the Field ID number to use in filter_field in your shortcode.



filter_value: write here the exact value that is in your text, radio button or dropdown. If you clicked ‘show values’, use the text under Value.


Try the demo website for this plugin (where we test everything)

Example 11,197: 11,197 (counts all entries for all forms on GravityWP.com!)

Example 2,464.44:

Example 1,232.36:

Example 1.232,360000:

Example 1.232,360000:

Example 270.52:

Example 0:

Example 44:

Example 12:

Test shortcode

Total count (all entries, no filter): 2.464,44


Total count default (all entries, no filter): 2,464.44

Count with 1 filter (IT developer): 0.00


Total number of entries from IT Developers: 1,232 entries


Count with 2 filters (IT developer, 41 and older): 270.52


Test shortcode (EU notation)

European notation: 1.232,36

GravityView: Entries Count demo


Total number of entries without filters

or the default (thousand seperator is a comma):
This shortcode counts the total number of entries without any filters: 87 persons filled in this form.

Total number of entries with 1 filter:

This shortcode counts the total number of entries with 1 filter (in this case: IT developer): 44 persons are IT developer.

Total number of entries with 2 filters:

This shortcode counts the total number of entries with 2 filters (in this case: IT developer & 41 and older): 12 persons are IT developer and 41 years and older

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